5/23/14 Maxim Watermakers launches Offshore Oil & Gas RO line...read more.
Maxim Evaporators is now Maxim Watermakers! Maxim's legacy has and continues to be the development of technologies that meet the needs of the desalination industry. Maxim is not just evaporators anymore. We have expanded our technologies to meet the fresh water needs of our clients. Maxim offers seawater reverse osmosis watermakers, waste water concentrators, and thermal distillation cleaning solutions.          
The Titanium Series
NEW! Offshore Oil & Gas
 RO Series...
Maxim Watermakers offers a new line of cleaning solutions for your heat recovery evaporator. This new product line offers a scale preventative, cleaning compound, and a corrosion inhibitor using modern formulations. The entire cleaning solutions line is non-hazardous. For more information, visit the Parts/Service/Cleaning Solutions section of our website.

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